Nylon Conveyor Belt
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Nylon Conveyor Belt

The load-bearing body of the skeleton is NN canvas (both longitudinal and transverse are made of nylon). It also has the characteristics of light weight, high modulus, impact resistance, low elongation, low elasticity, and good grooving performance. Used for conveying materials over medium to long distances, with high impact and heavy wear.

Fabric Structure Warp


Fabric Structure Weft


Belt Width500-2400mm
GradeX, Y, Z, W, MOR, N, M, RMAI, RMAII
Tensile Strength8-25mpa

Stone, cement plant, coal mine, copper mine

Feature  High Strength, wear resistant, Durability

Model TypeEP100-500
Thickness3+1.5,4+2, 5+2, 6+2
StandardDIN 22102, RMA, AS 1332, SABS 1173/2000, IS 1891, BS 490, JIS K 6322, etc.
Edge  MoldedEdge and cut edge
FabricCC, EP, NN

NN100, NN150, NN200, NN250, NN300, NN400

  • NN 250/2-3+1

  • NN 300/3-4+2

  • NN 400/3-4+2

  • NN 500/4-5+2

  • NN 630/4-6+2

  • NN 800/4-6+2


Nylon Conveyor Belt Factory Supply by Hwation Rubber is renowned for delivering exceptional quality in the realm of material handling solutions. These belts are designed with a focus on high strength and durability, catering to a wide range of industrial applications. The high strength nylon conveyor belt is engineered to withstand substantial loads, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty operations. Coupled with its abrasion-resistant properties, it ensures longevity and minimal wear over time, even under the harshest conditions.

The versatility of the Hwation Rubber nylon conveyor belt is further highlighted through its specialized variants. For operations requiring resistance against harsh chemicals, the chemical resistant nylon conveyor belt stands out as a reliable solution. Similarly, environments with high temperatures benefit from the heat resistant nylon conveyor belt, while settings exposed to oils and greases can rely on the oil resistant nylon conveyor belt for uninterrupted performance. These belts are not only tough but also lightweight and flexible, ensuring they can be easily configured for complex routes without compromising on efficiency or speed. The high speed nylon conveyor belt variant ensures rapid movement of materials, significantly enhancing productivity.

Moreover, the commitment to adaptability and performance is evident in the water resistant nylon conveyor belt, which is crafted to maintain integrity in damp or wet conditions. Hwation Rubber's dedication to innovation and quality is embodied in every nylon conveyor belt they supply, making them a go-to source for businesses looking to optimize their conveyor systems with reliable, high-performing belts.

Nylon Conveyor Belt is crafted using premium-grade nylon material, offering excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. This ensures outstanding performance even under prolonged, heavy-duty transport, effortlessly handling bulk materials.

Lightweight Design: Despite its impressive strength, the Nylon Conveyor Belt features a lightweight design, making it highly flexible and easy to install. This reduces transportation and maintenance costs significantly.

Durability: Our Nylon Conveyor Belt undergoes meticulous design and testing to ensure its long-term reliability. It withstands diverse environmental conditions and chemical exposure while maintaining superior performance and longevity.

Superior Friction Coefficient: The conveyor belt's surface undergoes special treatment to enhance material stability and flow during transportation, minimizing sliding and material spillage.

The Nylon Conveyor Belt finds widespread applications in industries such as coal mining, steel, construction, and chemicals. Whether for short or long distances, heavy or light loads, our Nylon Conveyor Belt meets your specific requirements.

Welcome to QINGDAO HWATION RUBBER CO., LTD., a distinguished manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts.


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