T180 Heat And High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt
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T180 Heat And High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt

Welcome to the forefront of industrial conveyor solutions with the T180 Heat and High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt. Engineered for superior performance in extreme heat conditions, T180 stands as a reliable and durable choice for diverse industrial applications.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Heat Resistance:T180, our flagship conveyor belt, harnesses cutting-edge materials for unparalleled performance in environments with elevated temperatures. Trust T180 to maintain stability and efficiency even in the most challenging heat conditions.

  2. Exceptional Durability and Abrasion Resistance:Engineered for longevity, the T180 conveyor belt showcases outstanding resistance to abrasion, reducing maintenance costs and extending service life. Ideal for heavy-duty applications where durability is non-negotiable.

  3. Versatility Across Industries:Whether in metallurgy, mining, or chemical sectors, T180 stands out as a versatile conveying solution. Its adaptability caters to the unique demands of various industries, ensuring reliable performance in diverse settings.

  4. Compliance with Stringent Standards:T180 not only meets but exceeds international and industry-specific standards, delivering a conveyor belt of the highest quality and reliability. Elevate your operations with a product that sets the benchmark for industry expectations.

  5. Customization for Tailored Solutions:At the heart of our commitment to your satisfaction lies customization. Tailor the T180 to your project's unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in your specific industrial setting.

Whether your operations demand heat resistance, durability, or versatility, the T180 Heat and High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt is your trusted solution. Revolutionize your conveying processes with T180, setting a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Invest in T180 today and experience the pinnacle of heat-resistant conveyor belt technology, providing unmatched performance and peace of mind for your industrial operations.


Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt technology has evolved to meet the demanding conditions of modern industrial applications, requiring materials that withstand extreme temperatures while maintaining operational efficiency. The T180 Heat And High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt from Hwation Rubber represents a pinnacle in this technology, engineered for peak performance in environments where temperature conditions can severely impact the durability and functionality of conveyor systems. This specialized heat resistant conveyor belt is designed to convey materials across a wide range of high-temperature applications, from metallurgy to the transportation of coke, making it an indispensable asset in industries where heat resistance is not just a benefit but a critical safety requirement.

The Industrial High Temperature Conveyor Belt features a robust construction that resists the deteriorating effects of high temperatures, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its core is made from materials specifically selected for their high-temperature resistance, providing a solution that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C without compromising on performance. The Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Conveyor Belt variant further enhances the durability of the conveyor system, ensuring that it not only withstands thermal challenges but also resists wear and tear from abrasive materials commonly found in industrial environments.

Coke High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt and Metallurgy High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt options underscore the versatility of Hwation Rubber's product range, tailored to meet the specific needs of different industrial sectors. These belts are crafted with a focus on maintaining structural integrity and operational functionality under the stress of high-temperature conditions. The Conveyor Belt Material High Temperature Resistance is a testament to Hwation Rubber’s commitment to innovation, providing industries with a conveyor solution that is not only heat resistant but also designed to optimize productivity and safety in high-stakes environments.

Welcome to QINGDAO HWATION RUBBER CO., LTD., a distinguished manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts.


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