Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt
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Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Welcome to our Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt series, providing exceptional performance and reliable solutions for your production lines. Designed to meet various industrial applications, our product offers outstanding oil protection and long-lasting durability.
1Product NameIndustrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt
2MaterialBase Material: High-strength fabric layer,Coating Material: Synthetic rubber
3Oil ResistanceOil Types: Industrial oils, lubricants, etc. Oil Resistance Grade: Moderate
4Tensile StrengthAs per customer requirements
5ThicknessCustom Thickness: As per customer requirements
6WidthCustom Width: As per customer requirements,Max width 6500mm
8Surface CoatingSmooth surface
9Operating EnvironmentTemperature Range: -30°C to +80°C,Humidity Range: 10% to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
10Service LifeDependent on operating conditions
11IndustriesMining,Metallurgy,Chemical Industry,Other industries requiring moderate oil resistance
12Compliance StandardsComplies with International/Industry Standards (e.g., DIN, ISO, ASME)
13Packagingas per customer requirements


The Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt represents a significant advancement in conveyor belt technology, specifically designed to address the challenges posed by environments where oil and greasy materials are prevalent. Manufactured by Hwation Rubber, this conveyor belt is crafted from materials that are selected for their ability to resist the deteriorating effects of oils while maintaining the belt's integrity and functionality over time. The construction of this belt ensures durability and reliability, making it an essential component in industries such as manufacturing, recycling, and any sector where oil exposure is a common occurrence.

Featuring a blend of synthetic rubber compounds that have been optimized for moderate oil tolerance, the belt showcases an exceptional balance between oil resistance and longevity. The customization options available for this product allow for a versatile application across various industries, enabling the conveyor system to operate efficiently without compromise to the material or the conveying process. The Heavy Duty Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor variant underscores the belt’s capacity to handle not just moderate oil conditions but also the rigorous demands of heavy-duty operations, providing an effective solution for transporting materials in challenging industrial environments.

In developing the Specifications of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt, Hwation Rubber has focused on creating a solution that not only meets the operational requirements of industries dealing with oil-contaminated materials but also exceeds expectations in terms of wear and tear resistance. The Reliable Oil Resistant Conveyor System thus offers an optimized level of performance, ensuring that businesses can maintain high levels of productivity and safety. The commitment to delivering a Custom Industrial Grade Oil Belt that caters to specific operational needs highlights Hwation Rubber’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction in the field of conveyor technology.

1. Robust Oil Resistance:Our industrial-grade conveyor belt is engineered with a moderate oil-resistant synthetic rubber coating, ensuring exceptional performance in challenging industrial environments. It effectively handles industrial oils and lubricants, providing durability and reliability.

2. Superior Tensile Strength:Featuring a high-strength fabric layer, our conveyor belt boasts impressive tensile strength. It delivers reliable and efficient material handling, even in demanding applications, contributing to increased operational efficiency.

3. Versatile Applications:Designed for diverse industries such as mining, metallurgy, and chemical processing, our conveyor belt is a versatile solution. Its moderate oil resistance makes it suitable for various applications where oil exposure is a common factor.

4. Customization Options:We understand that every industrial setup is unique. Hence, our conveyor belts come with customization options, including width, coating thickness, and surface coatings. Tailor the product to meet your specific operational requirements.

5. Extended Service Life:Crafted to withstand rigorous industrial conditions, our conveyor belt ensures an extended service life. This durability reduces maintenance frequency, contributing to cost-effectiveness over the product's lifecycle.

6. Compliance with Standards:Our conveyor belt complies with international and industry standards, providing you with the assurance of quality, safety, and reliability. This adherence to standards ensures seamless integration into your industrial processes.

7. Efficient Material Handling:With a smooth surface and excellent gripping capabilities, our conveyor belt facilitates efficient material handling. It minimizes slippage, enhances productivity, and maintains a steady flow of materials within your industrial operations.

8. Optimal Performance in Varied Environments:Engineered to operate flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C, our conveyor belt adapts to diverse environmental conditions. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial settings.

Discover the versatile applications of our Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt, designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries.

1. Mining Operations:Our conveyor belt proves indispensable in mining operations, where durability and oil resistance are paramount. It efficiently transports minerals and materials, ensuring a seamless workflow even in the presence of industrial oils.

2. Metallurgical Processes:In metallurgy, where precision and reliability are essential, our conveyor belt excels. It handles the transportation of metals and alloys with ease, providing consistent performance in moderate oil environments.

3. Chemical Processing Plants:Chemical processing plants require equipment that can withstand exposure to oils and lubricants. Our conveyor belt is an ideal solution for conveying chemical substances, ensuring both efficiency and safety.

4. Manufacturing and Assembly Lines:In manufacturing environments, where material handling plays a crucial role, our conveyor belt contributes to the smooth flow of production. Its moderate oil resistance makes it suitable for conveying materials across assembly lines.

5. Warehousing and Logistics:Efficient logistics and warehousing depend on reliable conveyor systems. Our Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt is designed to handle the challenges of transporting goods in warehouse and logistics environments.

6. Power Generation Facilities:In power generation facilities, where reliability is critical, our conveyor belt ensures the efficient movement of materials, even in the presence of oils commonly found in power plant environments.

7. Custom Industrial Applications:Our conveyor belt is not just a one-size-fits-all solution; it can be customized to meet the specific needs of various industrial applications. Whether it's a unique width requirement or special coating considerations, our product can be tailored to your industry's demands.

Choose our Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt for a versatile solution that adapts to a wide range of industrial applications, providing durability, efficiency, and oil resistance.

Make your industrial processes more reliable with our conveyor belt designed for diverse applications.

Q1: What makes an Industrial Grade Moderate Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt different?

Our conveyor belt is specifically engineered for industrial settings where exposure to oils and lubricants is common. It offers a moderate level of oil resistance, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging environments.

Q2: What industries is this conveyor belt suitable for?

Our Industrial Grade Conveyor Belt is versatile and finds applications in mining, metallurgy, chemical processing, manufacturing, logistics, food processing, and more. Its moderate oil resistance makes it a preferred choice across diverse industries.

Q3: How does the conveyor belt handle different types of oils?

The conveyor belt is designed to handle a range of industrial oils, including machine oils and lubricants. Its moderate oil resistance ensures efficient performance in various oil exposure scenarios.

Welcome to QINGDAO HWATION RUBBER CO., LTD., a distinguished manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts.


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