Cleated Conveyor Belt
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Cleated Conveyor Belt

Discover the unparalleled performance of our Cleated Conveyor Belt, meticulously designed to excel in various material handling applications. With innovative cleat patterns and durable construction, our conveyor belt is engineered to meet the demands of industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Cleat Designs: Our Cleated Conveyor Belt features state-of-the-art cleat designs, including Chevron and T type patterns. These innovative designs provide superior material grip, minimizing the risk of slippage and maximizing overall productivity.

  2. Versatile Incline Handling: Engineered for challenging terrains, our conveyor belt excels in high-incline applications. The cleat structure enables seamless material transfer even in steep inclines, reducing the likelihood of spillage and optimizing workflow.

  3. Tailored Customization: Customize your Cleated Conveyor Belt to match your unique requirements. Choose from a range of cleat heights, patterns, and belt lengths, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific material handling needs.

  4. Robust Durability: Built for rugged environments, our Cleated Conveyor Belt boasts heavy-duty materials and construction. This ensures long-lasting performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for your operations.

  5. Abrasion-Resistant Excellence: Suited for handling abrasive materials, our conveyor belt excels in industries dealing with aggregates, ores, and more. The abrasion-resistant properties contribute to consistent and reliable performance over time.


The Cleated Conveyor Belt from Hwation Rubber is a cornerstone in material handling technology, offering solutions that cater to a wide range of industrial needs. From the Ribbed Cleated Conveyor Belt designed for secure transport of materials under various conditions to the Incline Cleated Conveyor Belt, ideal for elevating products in limited space environments, this range is meticulously engineered. The inclusion of the Steep Angle Cleated Conveyor Belt and High-Incline Cleated Conveyor Belt options allows for efficient vertical movement of goods, highlighting the versatility and advanced engineering of these conveyor systems.

Moreover, the product line extends to specialized versions such as the High Grip Cleated Conveyor Belt, ensuring maximum hold and minimal slippage during transport, and the Incline Material Handling Cleated Conveyor Belt, tailored for ascending or descending applications. The Custom Cleated Conveyor Belt service provides bespoke solutions, addressing specific industry requirements, including the Food Grade Cleated Conveyor Belt, which meets stringent health and safety standards. The Industrial Grade Cleated Conveyor Belt and Heavy Duty Cleated Conveyor Belt variants are constructed for enduring the demands of heavy industries, showcasing durability and reliability.

Additionally, the portfolio encompasses the Adjustable Height Cleated Conveyor Belt for flexible operation setups, and the Cleated Conveyor Belt for Bulk Material, specifically designed to handle large volumes of materials efficiently. The Modular Design Cleated Conveyor Belt feature ensures ease of installation and maintenance, complementing the High Efficiency Cleated Conveyor Belt in promoting operational productivity. Each product in this extensive range underscores Hwation Rubber's commitment to delivering high-quality, durable, and efficient conveyor belt solutions to meet the diverse needs of global industries.


  • Mining Operations: Reliable material transport in challenging mining environments.

  • Agriculture and Farming: Efficient handling of agricultural products and bulk materials.

  • Construction Sites: Seamless movement of construction materials on-site.

  • Bulk Material Handling Facilities: Optimized workflow for facilities dealing with bulk materials.

Welcome to QINGDAO HWATION RUBBER CO., LTD., a distinguished manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts.


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