Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt
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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

The cold resistant conveyor belt has been treated with special dipping for sizing. High-strength Nylon or EP canvas are used as the carcass materials.
The conveyor belt cover is made using natural rubber and butadiene rubber, so the cold resistant rubber conveyor belt can be applied to the environment with temperature of zero below 40ºC.
The product selects cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas as carcass, Cover rubber selects a blend of NR and BR, which has the properties of high elasticity, shock resistance, cold resistance etc, It can work normally under the conditions of -40ºC.

1. Cold resistant conveyor belts are divided into three types based on the performance of the covering adhesive: scratch resistant (H), wear-resistant (D), and general (L).

2. According to its cold resistance, it is divided into two levels: C1 and C2. The ambient temperature for C1 use is -45-50 ℃; The ambient temperature for C2 use is -60-50 ℃.

Material With CoreNN100, NN150, NN200, NN250, NN300, NN350, NN400, NN450, NN500
Fabric Layer1-10 layers
Cover AdhesiveWorking surface: 1.5-8.0mm Non working surface: 1.5-4.5mm

Introducing Hwation Low Temperature Industry Conveyor Belts

The Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt is designed to withstand the challenges of transporting materials in environments where temperature conditions can be extreme and unpredictable. Manufactured by a leading Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt Supplier, this belt is an essential component for industries requiring freezer applications and operations in arctic conditions. Its construction features a special blend of rubber compounds that remain flexible and operational even at very low temperatures, ensuring the continuous flow of operations without the risk of cracking or hardening that can lead to belt failure.

This Low Temperature Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt is engineered for high performance under the coldest conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor cold weather applications, including cold storage, freezing tunnels, and outdoor conveying needs where temperatures can drop significantly. The high strength cold resistant conveyor belt is built not only to resist the cold but also to handle heavy-duty operations, providing reliable service under severe wear and tear situations. Its robust design incorporates anti-fracture cold resistant conveyor belt technology, which significantly enhances its durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the industrial cold resistant conveyor belt is versatile enough to be used across various sectors, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and any industry requiring material transport in low-temperature environments. The cold resistant rubber conveyor belt material is specifically chosen for its elasticity and strength, offering superior resistance to abrasions and impacts. Additionally, this belt comes with options for customization to meet specific operational requirements, such as belt width and design, to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in cold storage and freezer applications. With these features, the cold resistant conveyor belt represents a reliable and efficient solution for material handling challenges in extreme cold conditions.

1. Adopting polymer composite materials, it can maintain the softness of the belt in cold environments;

2. The belt does not contain some chemical components such as Plasticizer and calcium carbonate, so the belt does not harden;

3. A complete range of low-temperature resistant conveyor belts with complete temperature range, supporting customized processing

4. 20 years of production and research and development, ISO9001 quality certification enterprise, and international SGS factory certification enterprise.

The cold resistant conveyor belt  is suitable for middle and long distance conveying of materials  such as coal, ore stone or other product under high load,speed,impack and heavy wear.

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