Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt
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Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt

FRP-770 smart Ink-jet Printing Sealer is applicable to the sealing of small packages. The code spraying control operating system adopts the Linux operating system, which is free to open source. It is widely used worldwide with good portability, extremely stable system, extensibility and long-time steady running. Customers can freely adjust the size and length of the printing font according to their own demands, and the machine has sealing counting function and rich inject-printing content.

Seal Width (mm)10
Voltage (V/Hz)AC 220/50
Sealing Power (W)300x2
Motor Power (W)50/100W
Temperature Range0-300℃ (Adjustable)
Sealing Speed (m/min)0-16 (0-24)
Distance From Sealing Cneter To Conveyor10-40 mm
Printing TypeHot foaming inkjet
Distance From Base Plate To Interior Conveyor60-120 mm
Conveyor SizeL 844x W 153 mm
Max. Distance From Sealing Center To The Mouth Of Bag21 mm
Consumables Replacement MethodLock/Open
Overall Conveyor Load/
External Dimensions844x375x425 mm


The Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt is a critical component in the efficient vertical transportation of materials within various industries, including agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. Crafted by Hwation Rubber, a renowned name in the conveyor belt industry, this product combines durability, functionality, and safety to meet the high demands of vertical lifting operations. The design and manufacturing process incorporates advanced technology to produce a conveyor belt that is not only high in strength but also resistant to abrasion, ensuring a long service life even under the harshest conditions.

Hwation Rubber offers a diverse range of Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belts, catering to different industrial needs. The Heavy Duty Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt is engineered to carry hefty loads without compromise, while the Food Grade Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt meets the strict hygiene standards required in the food processing industry. For environments where oil, heat, or static could pose risks, the Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant, and Anti-static Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belts provide tailored solutions, ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation. Moreover, the versatility of the product line extends to Industrial Grain Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belts, designed specifically for the agricultural sector, highlighting the company's commitment to serving a broad spectrum of industries.

Acknowledging the unique needs of each operation, Hwation Rubber also specializes in offering Custom Size Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belts. This bespoke service ensures that each belt is perfectly matched to the specific requirements of the application, providing an optimal solution that maximizes efficiency and safety. With a focus on reliability, durability, and performance, Hwation Rubber's bucket elevator conveyor belts stand out as a prime choice for businesses looking to elevate their material handling processes to new heights.

One machine with two function, One machine meets printing and sealing.

1. Linux Touch Screen Operating System, free to open source, adopt Quad-core High-performance Processor, Main frequency hits 1.5GHz. Extremely Fast Response, Smooth Operation   Flat interface design, simple and beautiful, operation guide with scroll tips, interactive friendly;

2. 5 inch IPS HD capacitive touch screen, display resolution reaches to 800x480, shown delicately, colorfully, visual angle is to be close to 180;

3. Exclusive on the market with dual intelligent input method, supporting associating inputting of Chinese and English, handwriting, five stroke, Tsang-jei input method etc., more efficient editing. The corresponding language input method can be automatically switched according to the system language. Supporting directly inputting picture format in: bmp, jpg, png etc., any graphic element can be dragged and zoomed to be adjusted size, exempting formatted tedious operation from computer;

4. Unique font management function, personal favorite fonts can be lead in by user. Various printing Content, can Print text、date、mark、LOGO image、QR code、Barcode, etc. One-click switching,more than 20 kinds of languages supporting(including the corresponding language input method), supporting any customized language;

5. Have WiFi networking,Software Online Updating、USB flash disk updating,continuous maintenance and optimization; When charged, the cartridge can be plugged or removed at will.

Here are four specific application scenarios of packaging machinery:

1. Food and beverage packing: Packaging machines are used to package a variety of food products such as chips, candies, and cookies.

2. Pharmaceuticals: Packaging machines are used to package pharmaceutical products such as pills, tablets, and capsules.

3. Household goods: Packaging machines are used to package home products such as soaps, detergents, and cleaning supplies.

4. Industrial goods: Packaging machines are used to package industrial items such as machine parts, electrical components, and materials.

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