Acid And Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt
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Acid And Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt

Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt product characteristics: cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas are selected as the belt core, with good elasticity of the belt body, good grooving performance, and low elongation during use. The covering adhesive made of acid and alkali resistant materials has good chemical corrosion resistance and physical properties.

Width (BW)500-6500mm
TypeEP100, EP125, EP150, EP200, EP250, EP300, EP400, EP500, EP600
We can add reinforced layer (1-2)
Abrasion resistant & High Tensile
International StandardDIN, BS, AS, RMA, AS, JISK, SABS etc

Hwation Professional Acid Alkali Conveyor Belts for Chemical Industry

The Chemical Industry Acid and Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt represents a significant advancement in material transport technology, especially in environments exposed to corrosive substances. Manufactured by Hwation Rubber, these belts are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of chemical exposure, making them an ideal choice for applications within the chemical industry. The high durability acid-resistant conveyor belt is designed not only to resist the deteriorating effects of acidic compounds but also to maintain performance integrity over prolonged periods of use.

Industrial Grade Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belts and their acid-resistant counterparts are crafted from a specialized rubber compound that provides an exceptional level of resistance to chemicals. This ensures that the belt can transport materials such as acids, bases, and other corrosive substances without suffering damage. The custom size acid alkali resistant conveyor belt option allows businesses to tailor their conveyor system to fit specific operational needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability in material handling processes.

The product line includes heavy-duty acid and alkali resistant belting designed for more demanding applications, offering enhanced durability and longevity. These belts are a part of a comprehensive chemical resistant conveyor belt high supply, which also features oil and acid-resistant conveyor belts for industries where oil exposure is a concern in addition to chemical resistance. The acid alkali resistant rubber conveyor belt supply caters to a wide range of industrial needs, emphasizing the adaptability of these belts to various operational challenges. Furthermore, the chemical acid resistant conveyor belt and temperature-resistant acid alkali conveyor belts are specifically fabricated to endure not just chemical aggressors but also extreme temperatures, ensuring their functionality remains uncompromised in varying environmental conditions. This collection of belts underscores Hwation Rubber's commitment to providing high-quality, durable, and reliable conveyor belt solutions tailored to the demanding requirements of the chemical industry and related fields.

1. Adopting high-frequency vulcanization technology, seamless joints, no hidden materials during transportation, and difficult to open.

2. A+raw materials are processed into a covering layer, fused with polymer acid and alkali resistant additives, with good chemical corrosion resistance and physical properties.

3. The skeleton material is a new type of fiber cloth, which is more reliable in acid and alkali resistance than cotton canvas core belts;

4. Customizable production and deep processing; Using drum vulcanization technology to add seamless baffles, skirt edges, guide rods, etc

It is suitable for chemical plants, fertilizer plants, Paper mill and other factories and mining enterprises to transport corrosive materials containing acid. It can also be used for salt drying in seawater

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