How to clean stains on white conveyor belts
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How to clean stains on white conveyor belts

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How to clean stains on white conveyor belts

The following are the cleaning steps for the white conveyor belt:

1. Before cleaning the delivery belt, all equipment that cannot be submerged in water should be wrapped in plastic film to avoid water ingress and the formation of motor short circuits. As the equipment cannot be used after being soaked in water.

2. Close the steam valve, check the tensioning installation, and adjust the equipment pressure.

3. Soak the conveyor belt for a while before cleaning, as it will become more convenient to clean.

4. Use a low-pressure spray gun to evenly spray and stir the cleaning solution. Never use a high-pressure spray gun as it can damage the surface of the conveyor belt. When flushing the spray gun, be careful not to repeatedly flush the same position and ensure that every position of the belt can be flushed.

5. After the above operation is completed, clean the food conveyor belt with clean water, check for stains on the belt, and dry the belt to prevent mold.

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