Flat Reliable PE Conveyor belt
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Flat Reliable PE Conveyor belt

PE conveyor belt is a high-performance component of conveyor systems

Product Name

PE Conveyor belt 

Product Introduction

PE conveyor belt is a high-performance component of conveyor systems, extensively used in industrial production lines and logistics transportation. Constructed from polyethylene (PE) material, it boasts excellent wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and strength, suitable for various environments and working conditions.

Product Advantages

Exceptional Wear Resistance: Crafted from high-quality polyethylene, PE conveyor belts exhibit outstanding wear resistance, enabling prolonged usage without damage and reducing maintenance costs.

Chemical Corrosion Resistance: Due to its material properties, PE conveyor belts withstand many chemicals, making them safe for use in various chemical and manufacturing environments.

Lightweight Yet Durable: Compared to traditional materials like rubber, PE conveyor belts are lighter yet equally strong, enhancing transportation efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable: As a plastic product, PE conveyor belts are recyclable, aligning with sustainability principles and minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Technical Specifications

Material: Polyethylene (PE)

Color: Blue, white, black, green, etc.

Width: 500mm-3000mm

Thickness: 6mm-12mm.

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +80°C

Tensile Strength: Depending on specifications, typically X N/mm2

Coefficient of Friction: Depending on surface coating

Product Applications

PE conveyor belts find applications across various industries and scenarios, including but not limited to:

Manufacturing: Used for material conveyance and packaging processes on production lines.

Logistics and Warehousing: Employed for loading, conveying, and sorting of goods.

Food Processing: Due to compliance with food safety requirements, suitable for conveying in the food processing industry.

Chemical Industry: Capable of conveying corrosive liquids and chemicals in chemical plants.

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