White Chevron V-patterned conveyor belt
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White Chevron V-patterned conveyor belt

White Chevron V-patterned conveyor belt is designed for industrial production and logistics applications

Product Name:

White Chevron V-patterned conveyor belt

Product Introduction

Crafted from premium-grade rubber or synthetic polymers, White Chevron V-patterned conveyor belt  boasts exceptional durability and abrasion resistance, ideal for high-intensity industrial environments. Its white exterior enhances visibility, while customizable options cater to specific application needs, ensuring optimal performance.

Product Advantages:

Outstanding Transmission Performance: The V-pattern design provides excellent traction and stability, ensuring minimal slippage or deviation of materials during transport.

Abrasion Resistance and Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, it boasts exceptional abrasion resistance and durability, capable of withstanding prolonged, high-intensity usage.

High Efficiency and Energy Savings: Designed to reduce friction resistance and energy consumption, it enhances conveying efficiency and lowers production costs.

Versatile Options: Available in various specifications and sizes, it meets the diverse material conveying requirements across different industries and applications.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: With a simple structure, it offers convenient installation and is easy to clean and maintain, saving labor and time costs.

Product Features:

V-pattern Design: The unique V-pattern design enhances traction, suitable for inclines or steep conveying tasks.

White Exterior: The white appearance ensures clear visibility in the working environment, aiding monitoring and management.

Chemical Resistance: Constructed from special materials, it exhibits excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance, suitable for various industrial environments.

Antistatic Properties: Optional antistatic features prevent static electricity damage to products, enhancing production safety.

Customization: Customizable pattern shapes, belt widths, and lengths are available to meet specific production requirements.

Technical Specifications:

Belt Material: High-quality rubber or synthetic polymer compound.

Pattern Type: Chevron V-pattern.

Color: White (custom colors available upon request).

Belt Width: Available in various widths ranging from 600 mm to 2000 mm.

Belt Length: Minimum order quantity of 100 meters.

Thickness: Typically ranges from 7 mm to 20 mm.

Operating Temperature: Suitable for operating temperatures ranging from -30°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F).

Tensile Strength: 12Mpa-25Mpa.

Product Applications:

Mining Industry: Used for conveying coal, metal ores, and other materials in mines.

Metallurgical Industry: Applied in steel, aluminum, and other metal production lines for material conveying.

Construction Materials: Utilized for conveying and loading concrete, sand, and gravel in construction material applications.

Logistics Warehousing: Deployed in logistics sorting centers, warehouses, and storage facilities for material transport.

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