Oil resistant vacuum filter conveyor belt
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Oil resistant vacuum filter conveyor belt

Oil Resistant Vacuum Filter Conveyor Belt is a high-performance conveyor belt designed for industrial environments

Product Name

Oil Resistant Vacuum Filter Conveyor Belt

Product Introduction:

Oil Resistant Vacuum Filter Conveyor Belt is a high-performance conveyor belt designed for industrial environments. It utilizes advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications, including oil resistance, abrasion resistance, and high temperature resistance.

Product Description:

Oil Resistant Vacuum Filter Conveyor Belt

boasts excellent oil resistance, effectively resisting various industrial lubricants, chemicals, and other liquids to maintain stability and durability. Its special design includes a vacuum filtration function, effectively filtering materials and enhancing production efficiency.

Product Advantages:

Oil Resistance: Special materials and coatings provide excellent resistance to oil, allowing stable operation in oily environments for extended periods.

High Abrasion Resistance: Specially treated surface exhibits high abrasion resistance, extending service life and reducing maintenance costs.

High Temperature Resistance: Suitable for conveying in high-temperature environments, resistant to deformation and aging, ensuring long-term stability.

Vacuum Filtration Function: Capable of filtering conveyed materials to enhance production efficiency and reduce impurities during the production process.

Product Features:

Material: High-quality rubber and reinforcement materials

Surface Coating: Special oil-resistant and abrasion-resistant coating

Temperature Range: -30°C to +120°C

Strength: High tensile and compressive strength performance

Size: Customizable according to customer requirements

Technical Data:

Maximum Working Pressure: 15Mpa,17Mpa,18Mpa,20Mpa,24Mpa,25Mpa.

Maximum Tensile Strength: EP400,EP600,EP800,EP1000,EP1200,EP1250.

Long-Term Operating Temperature: -30°C to +120°C

MOQ:100 Meters

delivery date:30 days

Product Applications:

The Oil Resistant Vacuum Filter Conveyor Belt finds wide applications across various industries including:

Petrochemical Industry

Automotive Manufacturing

Food Processing Industry

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Metalworking Industry

It can be used for conveying various types of materials, including liquids, solids, etc., playing a crucial role in industrial production by improving efficiency and ensuring product quality.

Welcome to QINGDAO HWATION RUBBER CO., LTD., a distinguished manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts.


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