Felt conveyor belt
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Felt conveyor belt

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Felt conveyor belt

Product Name

Felt conveyor belt

Product Introduction

Felt conveyor belt is a special type of conveyor belt, mainly made of felt material, which has advantages such as high wear resistance, high tensile strength, and good tear resistance. Due to its special material and performance, felt conveyor belts have been widely used in multiple industries. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the main application areas of felt conveyor belts.

Product Features

1. High temperature resistance: The maximum temperature resistance can reach 100 ℃. Generally ranging from -10 ℃ to 80 ℃

2. Chemical resistance: generally weak acid and alkali, resistant to general chemical reagents.

3. Tensile strength: Under 0.5% elongation, the belt can withstand a tensile strength of within 10KG/CM of the belt width during normal operation. Tensile strength 20KG/CM bandwidth.

4. Joint method: Generally, it is a toothed joint, but there are also oblique lap joints or steel buckle joints.

5. Scope of application: Suitable for transporting objects with surface protection such as copper-clad panels, laminated boards, automotive steel plates, refrigerator shells, paper, glass, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Premium-grade felt

Belt Width: 600mm-3000mm

Maximum Operating Temperature: Depends on specific material, typically ranging from 100°C to 200°C

Maximum Operating Pressure: Depends on specific design and material

MOQ:100 Meters

delivery date:30days

Product application

Food Processing Industry: Used in food packaging lines, baking equipment, etc.

Light Manufacturing: Suitable for conveying lightweight materials such as paper, plastic, glass, etc.

Textile Industry: Used in material handling on textile production lines.

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