Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Belt
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Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Belt

Our Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Belt is a high-performance conveying solution designed for various industrial applications. Crafted with premium rubber and reinforced steel cords, this elevator belt excels in heavy-duty, high-strength, and wear-resistant scenarios.

Product Description

  1. Material: High-quality rubber and high-strength steel cord

  2. Wear Resistance: Complies with international standards, exhibiting excellent wear resistance

  3. Tensile Strength: Steel cord reinforcement provides outstanding tensile strength, ensuring stable conveying under heavy loads

  4. Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures, including high and low-temperature environments

  5. Belt Width Range: Offers a variety of standard and custom belt width options to meet the requirements of different equipment and applications

  6. Applicable Industries: Widely used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, and grain processing

  7. Customization Options: Can provide custom sizes and specifications based on customer requirements

  8. Safety Performance: Rigorous quality control and testing ensure the safety and reliability of the elevator belt

  9. Environmental Certification: Uses environmentally friendly materials, complying with international environmental standards

  10. Global Service Support: Provides worldwide after-sales service and technical support

Introducing High Strength Industrial Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt

The Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Belt from Hwation Rubber represents a significant advancement in the field of industrial conveyor systems. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of vertical conveying applications, this high strength elevator belt is engineered with a robust structure to ensure reliability and efficiency in operation. The core of the belt is reinforced with steel cords, providing a foundation of unmatched durability and resistance to stretching. This steel cord reinforced elevator belt is ideal for applications requiring the vertical transport of materials, making it a vital component in industries such as mining, agriculture, and construction.

This customizable elevator belt offers versatility to cater to various operational requirements and can be tailored to meet specific load capacities and vertical heights. The integration of steel cords not only enhances the belt's strength but also its longevity, ensuring that it remains a cost-effective solution for bucket conveyor systems over time. The high strength steel cord elevator belt is specifically designed to support heavy loads without compromising on speed or efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their material handling processes.

Furthermore, the durability of this elevator belt guarantees minimal maintenance and reduced downtime, attributes that are essential for continuous operations. The steel cord bucket elevator belt's ability to withstand harsh conditions and abrasive materials further underscores its suitability for a wide range of industrial applications. Its construction ensures that it can handle the high tensile forces encountered in bucket elevator systems, thereby providing a reliable solution for transporting bulk materials vertically with ease and safety.

Product Advantage

  1. Outstanding Wear Resistance: Our Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Belt is crafted with high-quality rubber, offering exceptional wear resistance suitable for high-load and frequent industrial usage, extending the service life.

  2. High-Strength Design: The steel cord reinforcement provides excellent tensile strength and resistance, ensuring reliable conveying performance under heavy loads.

  3. Versatility Across Industries: Ideal for various industries, including mining, metallurgy, and grain processing, providing reliable conveying solutions for diverse applications.

  4. Customization Flexibility: We offer a range of customization options, allowing adjustments to size and specifications based on customer requirements, ensuring compatibility with specific applications.

  5. High Efficiency: The well-designed Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Belt enhances production efficiency, reduces downtime, and contributes to overall operational effectiveness.

  6. Safety and Reliability: Strict quality control and testing ensure the safety and reliability of the elevator belt, reducing equipment maintenance costs.

  7. Environmentally Friendly Materials: Utilizing eco-friendly rubber and recyclable steel cords, our product aligns with sustainability standards, offering customers a reliable and environmentally conscious choice.

  8. Global Service Support: We provide worldwide customer service support, ensuring timely and professional assistance for our customers at all times.

  9. Customization Options: Available in customized sizes and specifications to meet specific application requirements.

Choosing our Steel Cord Bucket Elevator Belt means choosing a guarantee of outstanding performance and reliability. Our product provides a sustainable conveying solution for your business.

Welcome to QINGDAO HWATION RUBBER CO., LTD., a distinguished manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts.


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