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Insulating Rubber Sheet

Welcome to choose our high-performance Insulating Rubber Sheet, providing reliable protection for your electrical insulation needs. Our Insulating Rubber Sheet, crafted with advanced manufacturing processes, offers outstanding electrical insulation performance, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding electrical equipment.

Key Features:

  1. Electrical Insulation Performance: Carefully designed to ensure excellent insulation protection in electrical applications, meeting the requirements of high-voltage environments.

  2. Abrasion Resistance: Special formulation provides wear resistance, suitable for prolonged and frequent use, extending the service life.

  3. Temperature Adaptability: High-temperature resistance ensures stability under various temperature conditions, making it suitable for extreme working environments.

  4. Customization Options: Available in various specifications and sizes, supporting customization to meet the unique requirements of different projects and applications.

  5. Safety and Reliability: Compliant with industry standards, undergoes strict quality control, providing users with a safe and reliable insulation solution.


Insulating Rubber Sheet is widely used in power equipment, cable wiring, power transformers, power plants, and industrial equipment, making it an ideal choice to enhance electrical safety.

Choose our Insulating Rubber Sheet for a trustworthy electrical insulation solution, ensuring your equipment maintains excellent performance under various working conditions. For custom requirements or inquiries, feel free to contact us at any time.


Industrial Insulating Rubber Material is a critical component in safeguarding workers and equipment in environments where electrical insulation is paramount. Manufactured by Hwation Rubber, a leading entity in the conveyor belt industry, this product is designed with the utmost precision to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial applications. The insulating rubber sheet from Hwation Rubber boasts a non-conductive rubber base, making it an ideal choice for environments where electrical hazards are a concern. Its ability to withstand high voltages and provide safety against electrical shocks makes it indispensable in electrical safety protocols.

Insulating Rubber Sheet Manufacturer emphasizes the importance of durability and resistance in its products. The abrasion-resistant insulating rubber sheet is engineered to endure harsh industrial conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. Thermal insulating rubber products from Hwation Rubber are tailored to resist extreme temperatures, safeguarding machinery and personnel against heat-related damages. Furthermore, the anti-static electrical insulating rubber sheet is specifically designed to prevent static electricity build-up, a common concern in industries dealing with flammable substances or sensitive electronic equipment.

Non Conductive Rubber Sheet and other variants such as waterproof electrical insulating rubber sheet and high-temperature resistant insulating rubber sheet address the diverse needs of the industrial sector. Custom cut insulating rubber sheet solutions offer versatility, allowing for tailored applications that fit specific requirements. The flexibility of the dielectric insulating rubber sheet also highlights Hwation Rubber's commitment to providing adaptable safety solutions. With a focus on non-slip insulating rubber sheet flooring, the company ensures that the work environment is not only electrically safe but also physically secure, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by slipping.

Welcome to QINGDAO HWATION RUBBER CO., LTD., a distinguished manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts.


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