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CR Rubber Sheet

CR Rubber sheet is a kind of multi-purpose elastomer with good overall performance. It has very good tensile strength and excellent physical toughness; better heat resistance, ozone resistance, and weathering resistance, heat resistance is better than butyl-like rubber sheets, weathering resistance is second to EPDM rubber sheets, and not afraid of direct sunlight, not afraid of intense distortion, not afraid of refrigerant milk oleic acid, resistant to silicone lubricants, easy to crystallize and harden at low temperatures, poor storage stability.

Name CR Rubber Sheet
Thickness0.5mm to 50mm
Width20mm - 2000mm
Length0.3 m-20m or customized
Fabric type Glass fabric Etc
Fabric Plies1-3 plies
Temperature Resistant-30 to 250ºC
Intermittent Temp-40 to 300ºC
Elongation At Break150%-300%
Hardness70 to 85 shore A
Density1.9 to 2.0 g/cm³
Tensile Strength5 to 12 mpa


The CR Rubber Sheet, produced by Hwation Rubber, exemplifies the pinnacle of rubber technology innovation, catering to a diverse range of industrial applications. Known for its high elasticity, this rubber sheet is an ideal choice for applications requiring flexibility and durability. The composition of the CR (Chloroprene Rubber) material provides excellent oil resistance, making it suitable for environments where oil or petroleum products are present. This resilience extends to its flame retardant properties, ensuring safety and compliance in industries where fire risks are a concern.

Beyond its resistance to oils and flames, the CR Rubber Sheet is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, affirming its status as a versatile material for outdoor as well as indoor applications. Its capacity to resist the degrading effects of UV light, ozone, and varying temperatures makes it a reliable choice for long-term installations. Additionally, the anti-vibration characteristics of this rubber sheet make it indispensable for machinery and equipment that require damping solutions to maintain operational efficiency and longevity.

Hwation Rubber’s commitment to quality is evident in the provision of CR Rubber Sheets in various grades, including industrial grade for heavy-duty applications, and custom thickness options to meet specific requirements. The availability of black neoprene CR rubber sheet underscores the manufacturer’s focus on offering products that combine aesthetic appeal with functional excellence. Tailored for marine applications, the waterproof features of this rubber sheet highlight its adaptability in challenging environments. By integrating advanced manufacturing techniques with rigorous quality control measures, Hwation Rubber ensures that each CR Rubber Sheet stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

CR Rubber sheet is a multi-purpose elastomer with better comprehensive performance. It has excellent tensile strength and excellent physical toughness; Good heat resistance, ozone resistance, weather aging resistance, heat resistance is better than Nitrile rubber plate; Weather aging resistance is inferior to EPDM rubber sheet; Good oil and chemical corrosion resistance; Neoprene plate is flame retardant and does not self ignite. It can burn when contacting the flame, and it will self extinguish when leaving the flame. The oxygen index is 38-41. A material with an oxygen index of 27 is a refractory material, and any rubber plate containing sufficient concentration of halogen has flame retardancy. The oxygen index is an indicator that measures the combustion performance of a material, defined as the minimum oxygen volume required for a sample to maintain candle like combustion in a nitrogen oxygen mixture; The oxygen index of CR Rubber sheet is very high, and it is difficult to burn.

The cold resistant conveyor belt  is suitable for middle and long distance conveying of materials  such as coal, ore stone or other product under high load,speed,impack and heavy wear.

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