Durable Dot pattern pvc conveyor belt
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Durable Dot pattern pvc conveyor belt

Tensile strength:8Mpa-20Mpa etc..
• Material: High-quality PVC
• Thickness: Typically ranging from 2mm to 5mm, customizable
• Width: Customizable according to customer requirements, common widths ranging from 300mm to 2000mm
• Length: Customizable length to suit application needs
• Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +80°C
• Color: Common colors include green, black, white, etc., customizable upon request

The Durable  Dot pattern pvc conveyor belt is a high-performance belt designed for various industrial applications. Made from premium PVC material, it features a surface covered with a specially designed dot pattern to provide superior traction and stability. It is suitable for a wide range of industries including food processing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and other production environments.

The Durable Dot pattern pvc conveyor belt is one type of lightweight conveyor belt. Its adhesive surface is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and industrial polyester cloth, with a circular dot shape on the surface, adding conveyor belts and objects

The friction between materials prevents them from slipping, and their working temperature is generally between -10 ° C and+80 ° C. As one of the industrial belt products of Luoxi, the 5mm large dot conveyor belt

The selection of materials is lightweight and durable, and anti slip and wear resistance are one of its main characteristics. Mainly used in various industries such as food, electronics, wood industry, precision instruments, chemical engineering, etc

Domain. Our company specializes in producing various conveyor belts, which can be processed and produced according to the drawings, and customized with various specifications!


1.  Excellent Traction: The unique dot pattern design offers outstanding traction, ensuring products remain stable during transportation.

2.  Durable and Wear-resistant: Manufactured using high-quality PVC material, it boasts excellent wear resistance, capable of withstanding prolonged heavy loads and frequent use.

3. Anti-slip Design: The dot pattern not only enhances traction but also helps prevent slippage or deviation during transportation.

4. Easy to Clean and Maintain: With its smooth surface, it is easy to clean, reducing maintenance costs and labor intensity for staff.

  • Food Processing Industry: Suitable for conveying      various food items such as bread, biscuits, vegetables, etc., playing a      crucial role in food processing production lines.

  • Food Processing Industry: Suitable for conveying      various food items such as bread, biscuits, vegetables, etc., playing a      crucial role in food processing production lines.

  • Logistics Industry: Ideal for use in      warehouse equipment, sorting lines, and other logistics systems to enhance      efficiency.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Widely used in      pharmaceutical production lines to ensure the safe and stable      transportation of medicines, meeting stringent production standards and      requirements.

  • Other Industrial Sectors: Finds extensive      applications in automotive manufacturing, chemical, electronics, and other      production environments, providing reliable conveying solutions.

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