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FRP Profiles

FRP Profiles is a high-performance composite material product, primarily composed of fiber-reinforced resin material. It boasts features like lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, making it suitable for various applications. Widely used in construction, transportation, aerospace, and other fields, FRP Profiles provide excellent structural support and protection for projects. Its easy installation and maintenance further contribute to prolonging its service life and reducing overall maintenance costs. Whether in harsh environmental conditions or under special circumstances like high temperatures and pressures, this product performs remarkably well. In summary, FRP Profiles offer a reliable and efficient composite material solution to meet the requirements of diverse engineering projects.

1.Corrosion resistance:
Products are resistant to the corrosion of gas and liquid of acids, alkalis, salt, and organic solvent so that they can avoid the problem of rusting steel and rotten wood.

2. Light weight and high intensity:
Fiberglass products are molded through the solidification of fiberglass and resin under high temperature. Its density is only one quarter of that of steel, and two-thirds of that of aluminum. But its intensity is ten times that of PVC, exceeding the aluminum products and reaching the level of common carbon steel. Due to its light weight, the products require less base support and possess the features of easy installation and low costs.

3. Inflaming Retarding:
The common oxygen index of common fiberglass products is above 32 (according to GB8924). By design, the flame spreading index of the high inflaming retarding ethylene products is below 10, which meets the requirements of engineering fire resistance for safety.

4. Collision Resistance and Fatigue Resistance:
Fiberglass products can resist collision and keep the original shape after repeated bending so as to be used as spring.

5. Age Resistance:
The normal longevity is more than 20 years. The research result shows that the intensity will still retain more than 85% after 20 years’ exposure to the atmosphere.

6.Good appearance and Easy Maintenance:
The color slurry of fiberglass products is mixed with resin to make the color bright and difficult to fade. No painting is needed on the surface which is clean after washing.

FRP Profiles, offered by Hwation Rubber, represent a leap in the materials technology sector, combining durability with versatility across a wide range of industries. These profiles, fabricated from Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), offer an exceptional alternative to traditional materials like steel, aluminum, and wood due to their superior properties such as corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, and longevity. The range includes industrial FRP profiles suitable for environments where chemical resistance and non-conductivity are paramount, making them ideal for use in chemical plants, power generation facilities, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Our portfolio of FRP profiles encompasses structural components for construction, including beams and columns that provide essential support while resisting environmental degradation. For industrial applications, our corrosion-resistant profiles ensure long-lasting performance in harsh conditions, while our high-strength options support infrastructure projects with materials that withstand heavy loads and extreme stresses. The customization capability allows for architectural designs to be brought to life with unique shapes that maintain their integrity over time, even in outdoor applications thanks to UV-resistant formulations. Additionally, our insulated FRP profiles are specifically engineered for electrical applications to prevent conductivity, and our fire-retardant profiles meet strict safety standards, offering peace of mind in sensitive environments.

The manufacturing process of these profiles, primarily through pultrusion, ensures consistent quality and performance. This process allows for the creation of long-span profiles that are lightweight yet strong, making them suitable for automotive components, among other uses. The versatility of FRP profiles from Hwation Rubber is unmatched, with options available for virtually any application where durability, strength, and resistance to the elements are required. Our commitment to innovation in the field of FRP production places us at the forefront of the industry, ready to meet the demands of modern engineering and design projects.

1.electrical&electronics markets

cable tray,radome,insulation ladder,etc.

2.Chemical anti-corrosion markets

grating floor, handrail, working platform, undergrand pression pipe, stairs,etc.

3.building construction markets

Oversize bridge protection closed system,movable house structure,working platform, window frame, window sash and its components,etc. engineering markets

freeway antiglare shield and its handrail,lamp post,water treatment,bracket for huge industry cooling tower,etc.

we can produce many different types FRP pultrusion profile according to customers requirement and drawings.

The explaination of pultrusion technique:

During the pultrusion process,the raw material are pulled through a heated steel forming die using a continuous pulling device. when the reinforcements are saturated with the resin mixture in the resin bath and the wetted reinforcement package is wrapped in a surfacing veil. the completed package then goes into a performer that roughly forms the package into the appropriate shape to enter the heated die for curing. the die is the exact shape of the final part desired. upon exiting the die, the part is over 90% cured and solid. the length of the part required is pulled through the cutoff saw and the process is complete.

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