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Epoxy Coil Flooring

Epoxy Coil Flooring is a versatile flooring option that utilizes a sophisticated polymer composite derived from an enhanced epoxy compound resin system. This innovative flooring incorporates glass fiber as a reinforcement material and undergoes a continuous mechanized process under specific conditions.


  1. 1.    Wear resistance, pressure resistance, fire resistance,anti-slip, physical and chemical properties excellent, long service life,overall.appearance, dispensation without solvent, green environmental protection;

  2. 2.    Several choice for surface color with matte processing to achieve different visual effect;

  3. 3.    The flooring for the whole installation,dimensional stability, not easily deformed, paving easy, short cycle for installation,and does not have any impact with the production;

  4. 4.    The joint make use of the flooring surface layer material filling adhesive to achieve seamless installation;

  5. 5.    Certain elasticity,walking foot feeling comfortable, noise reduction;

  6. 6.    The surface of the flooring is easy to clean, convenient to maintain after intensive treatment.


1.General type :

Electronics factory, Food factory, Hospital, GMP pharmaceutical laboratory, Precision machinery factory,Shopping mall, Underground packing garage, Purification workshop,Medical equipment,Industrical channels..etc.

2.Anti-Corrosiob type:

Battery factory, Electroplating factory,Chemical factory, Printing and dyeing factory, Industrial sewage pool,etc.

3.Anti-static type:

Computer room, Laboratory, Microelectronics factory,Military industry, Oil chemical industry, Hospital operating room,Printing and Gas factory..etc.

4.Anti-bacterial type:

Hospitals,GMP pharmaceutical,Medical equipment factory,Food workshop.etc

Hwation Easy to Clean Chemical Resistant Epoxy Flooring Supply

Epoxy Coil Flooring, produced by a leading Epoxy Flooring Manufacturer, represents a breakthrough in flooring technology, combining durability, aesthetics, and practicality. This type of flooring, made from high-grade epoxy resin, is rolled out in coils, offering a seamless installation process. The result is a Seamless Epoxy Flooring surface that eliminates crevices where dirt and bacteria might accumulate, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring sterile conditions.

The resilience of Epoxy Resin Roll Flooring is unmatched, providing a surface that withstands heavy foot traffic, machinery, and impacts, making it a go-to option for commercial and industrial settings. This Durable Coil Flooring not only maintains its integrity over years of use but also offers Custom Epoxy Flooring Solutions to meet specific aesthetic and functional needs. Whether the requirement is for a particular color to match corporate branding or for specific performance characteristics like enhanced slip resistance, there is flexibility in the product to cater to these demands.

In addition to its robustness and versatility, Epoxy Coil Flooring brings practical benefits. Its Non-Slip Epoxy Coil Floors feature greatly enhances safety in workplaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Moreover, this type of flooring is Easy to Clean, requiring minimal maintenance to keep it looking its best. This characteristic, combined with its Chemical Resistant properties, makes it an excellent choice for laboratories, hospitals, and manufacturing plants where spills of corrosive substances might occur. Overall, Epoxy Coil Flooring from a reliable Epoxy Flooring Factory Supply offers a comprehensive solution that meets the high standards of various industries, providing a cost-effective, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing flooring option.

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