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PVK Conveyor belt

• Material: PVK (a composite of PVC and PU), combining the flexibility of PVC with the wear resistance of PU.
• Thickness: 2mm-8mm, available in multiple thickness options to meet different application needs.
• Width: Standard width ranges from 300mm to 2000mm, with custom widths available upon request.
• Tensile Strength: 10-30 N/mm, ensuring stable operation under high load conditions.
• Operating Temperature: -10℃ to +80℃, suitable for a wide range of temperature variations while maintaining excellent performance.
• Wear Resistance: ≤100mm³ (DIN 53516), providing extremely high wear resistance.
• Anti-static Performance: Complies with ISO 284 requirements, effectively preventing static build-up to ensure safety.
• Color: Common colors are black and green, with other colors available upon request.

Product Description

PVK Conveyor Belt Product Introduction

The PVK conveyor belt is a high-performance conveyor belt made from PVK material, a composite of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU (polyurethane). It boasts excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, and anti-static properties. Designed and manufactured in strict adherence to international standards, the PVK conveyor belt ensures efficient and stable operation in various complex industrial environments. It can withstand high workload conditions and offers exceptional durability and resistance to contamination, making it an indispensable component in modern industrial automation conveyor systems.

PVK conveyor belt is a new type of material with strong cutting resistance, which is widely used in cutting resistant conveyor belts. There are two common types of PVK conveyor belts in the market: single-sided PVK and double-sided PVK. Among them, single-sided PVK has a better low-noise effect, combined with the unique cutting and anti slip properties of PVK material. It is widely used in the logistics industry as a logistics conveyor belt, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing the trouble in express delivery transportation. In addition, PVK conveyor belts also have the characteristics of being resistant to cutting, sturdy, durable, and not easily damaged, which can meet the various needs of the logistics industry for conveyor belts.

Product Advantages

  1. High Wear      Resistance: PVK material offers      extremely high wear resistance, capable of withstanding prolonged      high-load operations, reducing replacement frequency and maintenance      costs.

  2. Oil and      Chemical Resistance: Resists      oils and common chemicals effectively, preventing corrosion and extending      service life.

  3. Anti-static      Performance: Effectively prevents      static build-up, ensuring safe and stable conveying, especially suitable      for electronic products and precision machinery.

  4. High Strength: PVK conveyor belts have excellent tensile      strength and flexibility, able to adapt to various complex conveying      environments.

  5. Easy to Clean: Smooth surface design makes cleaning and      maintenance easy, reducing downtime and meeting high hygiene requirements.

  6. Wide      Temperature Range: Performs      well within a temperature range of -10℃ to +80℃, adapting to different      working environments.

  7. Environmentally      Friendly and Non-toxic: PVK      material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, complying with      relevant environmental standards, suitable for high hygiene requirements      in the food and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring product safety.

Product Application

  1. Logistics      Industry: Widely used in      automated conveyor systems, sorting equipment, and conveyor machines,      providing efficient and reliable material handling solutions.

  2. Food      Processing: Complies with      food-grade standards, used in production lines for bread, candy, meat, and      other food products to ensure food safety and hygiene.

  3. Pharmaceutical      Industry: Extensively used in      pharmaceutical packaging, conveying, and handling equipment, complying      with GMP standards to ensure high-quality pharmaceutical production.

  4. Manufacturing: Suitable for material conveying in various      production lines, such as electronic products, mechanical parts, providing      stable conveyor support.

  5. Airport      Baggage Handling: Used in      baggage conveyors and automatic sorting systems, ensuring efficient and      accurate baggage handling.

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