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Trommel Screen

Heavy Duty Trommel Screen

Heavy Duty Trommel Screen

Heavy duty trommel screen is applied to various waste recycling process, various materials, such as plastic waste treatment, municipal waste, fabric waste, paper waste, hospital waste, rubber waste, leather waste, and processing - and other industrial waste.
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A trommel screens material by spinning a drum, usually with some kind of paddles or bars running inside the length of the tube to catch and lift the passing debris. Once picked up, gravity takes over and the debris falls back down, causing a break up of the material (as it tumbles).

This process is repeated until the debris is small enough to pass through the screen while the larger debris exits through the opposite end of the trommel drum. This produces two products, one of a finer soil and one of rocks, roots, wood waste, etc., which is referred to as rejects, overs, or trash.

Trommel Screens screen out fines, dirt, and other trash prior to separation. Their size and classify materials like solid waste, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, and much more.

Each trommel screen unit is designed to meet your exact application needs for your system. Screens are made from tough abrasion-resistant alloy plate.

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