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  • Super Width Conveyor Belt

    HWATION has been focusing on conveyor belt development, innovation, and have supper width production line with 6600mm. The super width conveyor belt can be produced above 2600mm, max is up to 6500mm.
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  • FDA White Conveyor Belt

    Approved by the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA). FDA conveyor belt is used in the food industry, food processing and food packaging.
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  • Chevron Conveyor Belt

    Chevron conveyor belts are used to convey wet or loose materials or bags up steep inclines.The patterns preventor reduce slide back and increase the amount of product moved by quick pick-up at the point of loading .
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  • Sidewall Conveyor Belt

    When lifting materials at a large slope , sidewell conveyor belt is always being selected. Sidewell conveyor belt is always used to avoid material spilling. This system can convey materials vertically and work at a large slope from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, and allow heavy...
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  • Vacuum Filter Conveyor Belt

    Our vacuum filter belt is applicable for solid-liquid separation in such industries as petroleum, chemistry, medicine, dyes, foodstuff, metallurgy, mine extration and electricity generation.
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  • Rubber Slide Lagging

    Fast repair speed, the head pulley can be replaced at time without disassembly on the site;
    Use high elasticity, high wear-resisting rubber raw materials;
    Wear-resisting layer adopts the special groove structure, increased coefficient of...
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  • Natural Rubber Sheet

    Natural Rubber (NR) is derived from Rubber tree, cultivatednatural_sheet in Southern hemisphere in the form of White viscous fluid which is later dried to evaporate moisture. The resultant material is then processed by mixing it with vulcanizing agent such as sulphur &...
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  • Portable Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine

    Conveyor belt vulcanizing machine is combined with machine adopting electric heating technology. It’s greatest advantage is that it is evenly heated.
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  • Heavy Duty Trommel Screen

    Heavy duty trommel screen is applied to various waste recycling process, various materials, such as plastic waste treatment, municipal waste, fabric waste, paper waste, hospital waste, rubber waste, leather waste, and processing - and other industrial waste.
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  • Super Width EP Conveyor Belt

    Super width EP conveyor belt : Maximum production width up to 6500mm,high modulus for belt body, small elongation for use, good stability for heart resistance, impact resisting, applicable for delivering materials over medium and long distance with bigger load at high speed...
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  • Rubber Filter Conveyor Belt

    Rubber filter conveyor belt enabling continuous washing ,filtration, suck dry and filter cloth regeneration.
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  • Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

    Corrugated sidewall conveyor belts carry material in any plane from horizontal to vertical. The most common conveyor shapes include straight incline, "L" and "S" shapes, but almost any configuration is possible.
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