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Rubber Conveyor Belt

Rubber Filter Conveyor Belt

Rubber filter conveyor belt enabling continuous washing ,filtration, suck dry and filter cloth regeneration.
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Rubber filter conveyor belt

Rubber filter conveyor belt enabling continuous washing, filtration rate, suck dry and filter cloth regeneration.


It has a high filtration rate, production capacity, washing effect is good, low moisture cake, flexible operation and so on.

1.Widely used in chemical (especially fertilizer) production of continuous filtration and dehydration;
2.Aluminum hydroxide, coal slurry, metal concentrates, metal flotation and comprehensive utilization of mining tailings and other dehydrated mining production;
3.In electricity and other industries of flue gas desulfurization in the dehydration of gypsum and sewage treatment of solid-liquid separation and other environmental projects.

Product classification

Acid and alkali resistant filter belt, Heat-resisting filer belt, Oil-resisting conveyor belt, Cold filter belt.

Rubbeer filter belt includes Super width filter belt ( the belt width is up to 6500mm), Endless filter belt, we also can supply the filter belt with special usage as customized.

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